Do you care about your child’s development with writing?

You know that being a strong writer is important for many different reasons — from the very practical, like having skills that open you up to other achievements, to the very personal, like feeling confident about expressing who you are.

You’ve been surprised when the standard way of teaching writing in schools hasn’t helped your child access their full potential. Isn’t that what school is supposed to do?

Despite many teachers’ good intentions, writing is often taught in school and standard writing programs in very limited ways. But students can learn to access and express their talents through writing more deeply in ways that you may not have conceived of yet.

When students are taught writing with more individualized and engaging methods, they can transform not only their writing skills but also their sense of who they are in the world.

Is your child getting the bigger picture?

The greatest gift from learning to write well is more than feeling easy about putting words together; it’s feeling connected to the world of ideas and to your place within it. When teaching shifts from imposing writing on students to eliciting writing from students, a student’s experience with writing can blossom.

Students who learn to write in this way develop both a higher level of skill and an internal sense of power. Together, these command them respect throughout life, both from themselves and from others.

Are you wondering if this philosophy can help your child? Learn who benefits most from this approach.

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